Saturday, 22 May 2010

Bassendean Community Craft Workshop.

A distraction from temari/thimble making this week.  My SIL (sister in law) asked me to come to a workshop she had stumbled across during one of her long walks. I was intrigued when she described it to me. A group of 1/2 a dozen ladies sitting out on the lawn in front of the community center making things out of recycled scraps of fabric, rope, bits of grass, leaves and twigs. My mind boggled. What exactly could you make with all that junk? Well last Thursday I found out.

The ladies were making everything. Baskets made from coils of twine made from grass and twigs, pots, bags and bowls made of fabric strips which had been plaited or twisted into strings, and a lovely tapestry using the same string made from fabric, plastic and rope. It was really quite unbelievable and the ladies showed Miho and me how to make the scrap strings.  We had a lovely time - but Miss D (my 2yo niece) did ask several times (very politely) when could we go home to play Lego and eat lunch. She is so cute.

Next week they are making little beaded pouches. Something that you could hold a cabochon jewel inside. Perhaps the same idea could be used to hold something larger too, like a credit card or a mobile (cell) phone.

Town of Bassendean (see page 5 Upcoming Events) I wish I had taken a photo... of course I forgot, but hopefully Miho and I can go next week and I might take some then to add to this post.

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