Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Temari Math Info Site is gone

Today I got a comment on this blog asking how to contact Debi A from the temarimathinfo and temaritrain sites. For many years these sites have been some of the go to destinations for all things temari.

Unfortunately for all of us Debi has shut off her websites. I actually could feel tears well up in my eyes when I saw that Debi's sites were gone. I have no idea how to contact Debi, I have emailed to the address I have of hers but it is a GMail account so she may not receive it.

I will work on removing all the links on this blog site (there are lots of them) but please be patient with any broken links that remain in the interim.

Debi, if you are still following blogs and happen to read this post... I want to thank you wholeheartedly for all your inspiration and kind guidance as I have stitched along my own temari journey thus far. I will always appreciate the wealth of information I gained from reading your sites and dearly miss the generous sharing of your temari knowledge. Best wishes to you for all your future ventures.

PS Debi, is there any chance of turning your temari calculator in to an iPhone app... I would definitely pay real cash money for that.

I have a new post in the works but it will be a few days before I can get the photos done (due to our wet, overcast weather forecasts) and ready to put up.


  1. Thanks for this post. In lieu of being able to contact debi directly I would also like to say:
    Debi, the body of work you had amassed on temari was truly astounding and, in my opinion as a fairly new temari maker, the best resource on the Internet. From you I learnt not only how to mark multipoles but to actually understand what was going on with all those lines. I learnt how to figure out continuous paths. I learnt about basket weaving. I followed loads of your patterns. I NEED YOU TO COME BACK :(((((((
    I guess you must have a good reason for removing your work but I'm really hoping you can resolve whatever issues are causing the problems and make your site available again.
    Best reards, Rachel Simons in Norway x

    Sorry for hijacking your blog Rebecca! Keep up the good work, I love your temari

  2. I had only just found Debi's websites and was so excited as I bookmarked them, only to be disappointed to go back a few days later and see the message she had taken them down. I can only hope that it wasnt something negative that led her to her decision. Me thinketh I have missed out on something invaluable......

  3. I miss Debi's websites too!!! :(:(:(:( They were such a recourse for my as a beginning temari maker. I really hope that all your knowledge will stay available to the world somehow and I wish you the best!!

    Cheers, Gigi Tiemes in Australia.

  4. I can access much of the site via Wayback Machine today, Dec 16, 2013. Does that help?