Thursday, 31 May 2012

OMG Book Avalanche!!!

I've been waiting on the post man for ages, patiently (and not so patiently) but he just didn't arrive until late last week. In a single day I received the bulk order of Barb's book that we organised for the Aussie temari makers from America, a box of Japanese (Language) Temari books and replenishment KYO threads along with some special edition shades from Japan. I also got 2 flags from England for my DH's birthday (MUFC and Barcelona FC) and a delivery of 5 more flags from Melbourne, a soap making and a cookie decorating book from Fishpond (Aussie version of Amazon) and a huge box of supplies from Officeworks. It seemed like all I did was open the door and sign for parcels. Lucky me, I must have met every mail delivery person in my area, one fellow even got half way down the street before realising he had another parcel for me, I am amazed how everything seems to happen at once...

I am sorry for not posting anything on the blog but all this stock in and out, birthdays and my part time jobs and workshop prep has left no time at all for blogging for the last few weeks. This week my Mum decided to break/fracture/twist/tear the ligaments off  her ankle so Miho and I are playing catch-up/nurse. The hospital called yesterday while I was at Mum's and told me to cut off the cast because they thought the ankle wasn't actually fractured after all and because she has a DVT risk so they wanted it off quick smart and in a hurry. Wow cutting a cast off with a pair of blunt scissors... that was an experience I never thought I'd have!

On the bright side one of my suppliers sent me a little care package of threads to try out on my temari with a view to adding to our range. When I get time I will have a little stitch session to see what might work. I do have temari to share but it will have to wait again because the days are getting very short and are mostly overcast lately... not entirely suitable for photography.

How is everyone enjoying their new Temari book? Mine arrived, I went on a temporary strike so I could browse through it just once... it is very deluxe! I already have an idea of what I would like to start on.

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