Monday, 16 January 2012

Unbuttoning My Lip

I have been keeping a secret for ages and ages. I am quite good at keeping other's secrets even though I really hate to have any secrets of my own. This secret is such a really awesome and juicy secret that it has been just about impossible to keep. I have found myself almost biting holes in my lip and holding my breath while counting to 10 so many times trying to keep myself from blurting it out that I may have done minor  damage to my brain function due to oxygen deprivation... not that most people would notice - tee hee:)

Anyway seeing as it has been let out of the bag at TC by the secret's owner I can share it too.
Let me give you some hints... it is:
something most all of us have dreamt about for an awfully long time...
something which is very drool worthy... and
something I wish I could have in my hot little hands today.

No!!! It is not Hugh Jackman, Robert Patterson, Ryan Reynolds, Brad Pitt, Gerard Butler or George Clooney*.

Ok ok ok I'll just tell you...

 it's a book...

a temari book... 

a temari book written by Barb Suess.

Barb's new book due for release in March 2012

Double excitement with a dollop of cream and a cherry on top, right?!! 

I have been lucky enough (along with a select few temari makers) to be able to test stitch some of the patterns which may feature in this new book (Title still TBA)

I have made space in my bookshelf for the book although it wont be available for purchase for some time yet. Possibly another 6 months or more but knowing the book is a near probability instead of a distant possibility is very comforting (wrapped in exciting, wrapped in thrilling and tied with a bow of joyful)

I am sure if you bookmark Barb's website or blog you will be one of the first to be able to order a copy when it is released.

*(Just a side note to my DH in case he reads this post: I googled 'the most gorgeous men' to find out who they are... I don't fancy any of them myself... well unless you count Hugh but that is just because he is a dedicated husband and father  - like you - or Gerard but that is just due to our shared Scottish heritage although Dutch/Spanish beats Scottish every time... but can you practice your Scottish accent a bit - just kidding!)

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  1. You are so funny! I'm thrilled to hear you're so excited and wish I could send it to you today. It will be in the warehouse and ready to ship by mid-March. Thank you so much for your help in stitching temari to test the patterns and spreading the word!