Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Not happy Jan

This is a saying popularised by an advertisement by Yellow Pages and it's now firmly embedded in the Australian vernacular. 

Definitely describes people living in the City of Perth for the next 7 days. Our local bureau of meteorology seem fairly confident in their prediction that we will be experiencing hot weather of mind bending proportions.
I've included the forecast below... fingers crossed we keep our power supply for the next few days... the only thing worse than such hot weather is no power to run the aircon! How did the pioneers do it??
Today was quite hot too. We picked up my Mum and took a day trip to Lancelin (315km round trip) for a swim. We wanted to go to Geraldton for an overnight stay but couldn't get accommodation at any hotels there. The beach at Lancelin isn't (in my opinion) as nice as those nearer the city or down south but the water was nice and cool, the air-conditioning  in the car blasted away and kept us wonderfully cool and there weren't too many cars on the road. 

There were only 8 people on the entire beach. We stayed for about an hour, had a bite of lunch and headed back home. 

We have more than travelled 1500+km this week. I am getting behind with my stitching due to all the time I've spent behind the wheel this week. TAST week 4 has been posted already and I still haven't looked at week 3.

Forecast for Wednesday
A very hot and mostly sunny day. Moderate to fresh E/NE winds, easing in the
afternoon with a mid afternoon seabreeze near the coast.

Precis:      Very hot. Mostly sunny.            
City:        Min 24     Max 40 
Mandurah:    Min 23     Max 38 

UV Alert:    8:20 am to 4:40 pm, UV Index predicted to reach 14 [Extreme]  
Fire Danger: Coastal Plain: HIGH        
             Hills:         HIGH        

Thursday     Very hot. Partly cloudy.               Min 26     Max 41
Friday       Very hot. Partly cloudy.               Min 25     Max 39
Saturday     Very hot. Sunny.                       Min 26     Max 42
Sunday       Very hot. Windy morning.               Min 24     Max 40
Monday       Very hot. Sunny.                       Min 23     Max 40
Tuesday      Very hot. Sunny.                       Min 26     Max 40

The next routine forecast will be issued at 4:50 am WST Wednesday.

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