Saturday, 14 January 2012

TAST with Sharon B's Pin Tangle

Week 2: Buttonhole Stitch

This week I tried two versions of this stitch... with varying degrees of success. Buttonhole Wheel and Rosette of Thorns. I think I got the first one OK but managed to keep messing up the second. Nevertheless it seemed to go OK and I am fairly happy (not completely disgusted anyway) with the end result. I am still yet to get my flat sampler organised so I am already a week behind on that but never mind I hope to get to it this week. But first I need to get some Dutch Courage to get into my craft room which is so full of boxes, fabrics, board games and assorted junk that has been dumped in the over the last few weeks. Ugh!!! I hate when it gets into such a state but that is the result of 'get to that later' housekeeping.

Oh now what was I talking about??? Yep got it, my TAST Week 2 attempt. You want to see it right? Well here goes... keep in mind I am a temari maker but not an embroiderer so all these stitches are brand new to me.

Surely it must be easier to stitch these on a flat surface (something I hope to discover during the week once I am organised). When this ball is filled up I will make a new more densely covered temari to continue this challenge which will make all the future stitching look better too.

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  1. It's looking good. I'm behind on starting TAST 2012, but hope to get going on my temari next week. All these stitches are new to me, too. LisaB