Tuesday, 10 January 2012

The Big One Oh

On Sunday our baby turned 10. I can't believe it, I have no idea where all that time went, of course that is also what my Mum and Grandma say about their babies too.
To celebrate he had a pool party at a nearby aquatic center. For 2 hours 11 boys (and Miss D, Mr M and Mr H) slid down the spiral super slide pipeline, competed for the largest splash at the bombie pool, created a whirl pool, tried to cross the inflated pool maze in the quickest time and then ate huge amounts of snacks to replenish all those lost calories.

His Mohawk is beginning to grow out now, it almost looks better - maybe I am just getting used to it now.

This year he asked for a devil cake that he saw in the AWW Children's Birthday Cake book. It was actually for a number 6 cake but we adapted it a bit and made it into a 10. If you squint really hard it looks ok, Mr W loved it of course. The cake part was a really nice fudgy chocolate recipe from the book.

For the record I don't want to make black or red icing anytime soon... and I did gently mention this to Mr W so he has a whole year to come up with his idea for next year ensuring there is no black or red icing involved.

I bet you are thinking I am a little drama queen-ish about the icing colour but here is the other cake I made for Mr M's birthday which was celebrated just before New Years.

It is supposed to be Pingu. I make the scary little fish from cake offcuts. They remind me of the scariest fish I have ever seen... Orange Roughy. This cake was make with Caramel Apple... Mr M's favourite. Before I made this cake I made test cupcakes to practice making the icing in black. I think we have all consumed more than enough artificial colourings to last out the next decade.

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