Thursday, 19 January 2012

Feeling a little crispy

Mr W and I went to the beach today. Sorry for the poor quality pics today, I left my camera in the car, so these were taken on my phone.

The water at my feet was so cool and bubbly.
We only live about 30 minutes from some really beautiful beaches but felt like a change of scenery so we drove to the beach at Busselton.

Mr W (red shirt) immediately made friends some nice kids.
We had a splash about for about an hour and then came home. I got a little sunburnt on my forearms and side of one knee (I missed these with the sunscreen)

Busselton Jetty... almost like a postcard.
At the start of today's trip stopped at our local library and Mr W chose a book to read while we were driving... he finished it on the outward trip so we returned it on our way home. The librarian was very surprised to see us back so soon.

Travelling South today and East yesterday
Today we travelled between A and the southern B (365km 228miles). The other trip on the map is the one we did yesterday to York, Beverley and Westdale A-D (335km 208miles).

Tomorrow we will consider taking a day trip to Gingin (186km 115miles) to see the Gravity Discovery Centre. It will depend on the weather... believe it or not (from the clear blue skies in today's pics) storms are predicted tomorrow. Perhaps we will take one of the neighbour kids with us. Or we might just stay home and watch a movie aka stitch temari.

Maybe heading North tomorrow?
But for now I've covered myself in after sun moisturiser and I'm off to bed.

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