Friday, 17 September 2010

A thumb nail trick!

I am working on quite a few patterns at the moment, I've done 3 stitch along balls, have got 3 temari classes coming up and I'm working on JTA projects so I seem to always have a needle in my hand. I don't have anything to show today but what happy work!!!

Temari is my single addiction. Hmmm actually I am addicted to my family and chocolate too so let's say temari's in my top 3. The one thing I have always struggled with is nail damage to my left thumb. All that constant needle guiding and holding back threads can cause my nail edge to wear away.

So today when I was scrubbing spilt wine from my carpet (a cork came out of a bottle of red in my wine rack - I did cry a little) it dawned on me that I should try an acrylic nail. I used to wear acrylic nails for about 10 years but I took them off 3 years ago when they got in the way of my crafting.   Now I don't want to get acrylic nails again but I do think that one acrylic nail could be very helpful. But what kind of shameless crazy person am I? I can hear you asking this very question. Luckily I don't need to go to the local nail bar and ask for just one acrylic nail to be applied. One of my many jobs has been... nail technician. So this means I already had all the stuff on hand. Well actually I was out of acrylic liquid... so instead I have a gel nail applied to my thumbnail. It actually works well. Just a thin layer of gel is protecting my nail really well so far. I'm so glad I thought of it... it is amazing where your brain travels when your body is busy doing something else.

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  1. Cool idea. I've got the same problem with my thumbnail!