Thursday, 23 September 2010

Blog tinkering completed and store update.

I hope you like the new background on the blog.

I think I've tweaked the layout as much as I can for now. I even made a new cute little button to send you to the supply store. I accidentally overlooked checking the link address and this afternoon I discovered it went to a very unexpected place. Sorry if you clicked on it already, please take another look as I've fixed up the link now. I've also put a similar design on the supply store banner.

Speaking of the store... we have started getting in some new threads. We are trialling a small range of Rainbow Gallery Very Velvet Petite, Treasure Chest & Treasure Braid Petite. Most of these threads are virtually impossible to find in local needlework stores and the Australian on line stores that sell these ranges do so at a higher price. The Very Velvet Petite makes a beautifully soft to touch temari. The Treasure Chest range is a set of lovely multicoloured metallic which is a little thicker than Nordic Gold. Treasure Braid Petite provides a smooth sparkle and is a fine thread which makes it perfect for marking support lines on combination divisions. If you are interested in a colour not already listed in the drop down menus send me a note and I can special order it for you. We still have our ranges of KYO rayon, Nordic Gold, Japanese Temari books and needles in stock.

More exciting news: we have a quantity of V-Rulers from the JTA available for sale. You wont get these anywhere else in Australia. I can also send them overseas but you will also find them available through Etsy stores from time to time. These rulers are sold at cost from the JTA and are supplied with a handy ruler keeper card to keep it nice and flat.

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