Thursday, 9 September 2010

Tale of a bad wife.

My hubby started work at lunch time today. When he has a late start our morning never runs smoothly... it interrupts (in a good way) the regular routine. Too many giggles, jokes and horseplaying means sometimes we end up tag teaming jobs like making lunch, ironing uniforms, checking teeth and doing the school run. So when it was agreed I'd make lunch if he did the drop off,  I made our son's lunch and hubby's lunch too (which I almost never do).

After my hubby returned from school he presented me with a huge wrapped parcel. What the heck is that for? I asked just as he began saying happy anniversary! Oooops, I forgot! Totally, utterly and completely forgot, oh dear. I guess it makes up for last year when I accused him of forgetting because I had remembered a day early. Actually now I think of it.... I'm not sure if they cancel each other out at all.  I thought it was traditional for the husbands to forget these types of occasions.

I actually had remembered it was coming up a few weeks ago, before I got laid up with a bad throat and ears. I had actually planned to give blueberry bushes (4th anniversary = fruit and flowers). Last week when I felt better no one had any in stock and this week I spent a whole day making our son a costume complete with handmade wig and beard for his school play (He played the old man from the bank in Mary Poppins). So it just kind of slipped my mind. Too busy trying to be an awesome mum to remember to be an awesome wife too. Late August and September is a cracker time for our family with umpteen birthdays and father's day too. We have 'banned' the birth of any more kids in our family in Dec/Jan with all 3 cousins having birthdays within a 3 &1/2 week period near Christmas. I have also considered screening potential friends to ensure they aren't born in Aug-Sept or Dec-Jan. Something like this.... Me: Nice to meet you Alice... so when is your birthday?  Alice: September 15th!  Me: Hmmm... ooh that's no good... let's see... um.. we have openings in April and June how does that work for you? Yes we can be friends if you want to celebrate your birth in April or June! OK?!

This year I have also been distracted by the quakes in Christchurch, NZ which are 20km's from my best friends parents farm (all her family's homes have suffered some damage), the sale of my brother's house and the death of my furry niece Ninja last week. RIP little Ninja hope your chewing on a big bone in heaven!

I  did consider getting emergency anniversary flowers delivered to DH's job... but he is a it too macho for that and besides his all male coworkers would probably still be ragging on him the day-after-never if I did that. So this afternoon I drove around to two different Bunnings (a chain of warehouse hardware and garden stores) and 2 other nurseries in search of blueberries.  Bunnings #1 only had Blackberries and pomegranate. Nursery #1 only had strawberries and goji berries. Bunnings #2 had.... nothing, and Nursery #2 had huge blueberries plants but they were $49 a pot Ay, caramba!!! but then I found some smaller ones and purchased 2 (always a safe bet to get more than one of any plant for our garden) Thanks to our son for helping to carry the pots to the car despite the fact he needed a liberal dose of hand sanitiser after getting a teeny slug stuck on his finger... he may still need a few therapy sessions though. (He gets it from me sadly... I will weed the garden for hours or until I come across the first spider or other icky creepy crawly and that's it... like ricochet rabbit I'm outta there)

Tonight when my DH gets home at 11pm he will find a huge basket of plants. 2 blackberry, 2 blueberry and 4 varieties of strawberry bushes.  I hope that is enough fruit to make up for this morning. If I hadn't been so tired this morning I would have just presented him his lunch box and said happy anniversary to you too.

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