Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Choosing colours and a big fat bargain

Anyone that knows me understands how much I love blue. I have a 2 blue sofas, a long window covered in steel blue curtains, loads of linen in blue tones, several shades of blue carpet throughout the house and even blue tiles on our bathroom floor. When I decorate cakes and cookies and make my homemade soap I usually choose blue. Even my child is blue (a boy anyway - as opposed to a pink girl - and his school uniform... it's blue) and my hubby's work uniform?? Yes it is blue too. I dread ever putting our home on the market as I am sure potential buyers would refer to it as 'you know that blue house...' Anyways can you really have too much of a good thing. Not really but sometimes I can have a little trouble working with other colours on my temari. I think of red as a traditional colour for making temari so I usually find most of my temari in red or blue.

This week I wrapped a few temari in unusual colours (by this I mean not blue). I have a medium green, a chocolate, a latte, and a creamy coloured temari ready to go. Now these are lovely colours, but I grew up in the 70's and think I had my fill of them (thank you fashionista Mum who kept us dressed in the latest threads when we were growing up) I am really trying to challenge myself and by choosing weird colours it is going to force me to think outside the box.
What colours do you always gravitate to??

A few weeks ago I went to Spotlight (Australia's craft supply chain store) to pick up some threads because I had a $40 voucher burning a hole in my pocket. When I got home I looked over the receipt and noticed the price per skein was 49c more and the balls were $1.49 more than the needlework store across town where I have previously made purchases. My frown quickly turned upside down when I noticed on the back of the receipt the store has a lowest price policy where they will beat any other price by 10%. So when I went back today I took proof of the cheaper price and with the money I got back I purchased 7 extra skeins and had $2 left over.

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