Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Blog Tinkering, Mari Making and Pillow Fights

Today when I logged onto blogger I saw a note about a new feature, the ability to  add your own uploaded background picture. I have wanted to change from the 'green balls' design to something else for so long, but while the pictures offered by blogger are beautiful, none of them quite said 'this is a temari blog' to me. I am sure the background will continue to evolve as I tweak the image to get it just 'right' over the next few days. Then again it could even change back.

I have been wrapping bases like a woman possessed this week. I have completed 25 bases in about 8 hours (over 2 days, while watching several movies) and will use these for upcoming classes. I find the best way to get newcomers truly addicted to temari making is to get them right to stitching on a prepared base. Then once they have enjoyed the outcome of stitching they are more accepting of the base preparation process. There was a time when I loathed making bases but now I really quite enjoy it. I like to challenge myself to see how many I can make in a set period of time. This week's ones were made on Styrofoam bases which take a slightly different process to my usual rice hull temari. I think for learning the first couple of balls it can be easier on foam because hull can be crushed to 'off round' either by the more overzealous stitcher or inside the kit bag. Also if you can get a good round mari on a foam ball you will make awesome hull maris if you decide to use that as your core material later on.

I am playing with the idea of making individual zabuton (pillows) for my temari to sit on. I made a test one today with gold satin fabric but we all agree that it isn't puffy enough. I will add 2 layers of wadding to the next one. You might remember this older temari, it is still unfinished (I need to work out what to do around the equator) but it is made with KYO rayon thread. It is lovely to use, but challenging to photograph... just like the satin fabric. I'll try another zabuton tomorrow.

I have finished up all but two of my temari UFO's but I've started a new temari so the old ones are back in the basket. I think I will treat myself as a reward for all my industriousness (is that even a word??) and make a yubinuki.

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