Monday, 29 August 2011

Workshop in Fremantle

 I have hijacked a most lovely group of ladies from their usual lace-making activities and I am slowly but surely turning them into temari addicts. Earlier this year we had a workshop and many of the ladies made their first ever C10 temari ball. In the last workshop we dabbled with C6 (a modified C8 division).

Here is a small selection of temari made in the August workshop in Fremantle. I love stitching time with this group of ladies. I do feel slightly guilty about getting you addicted to temari making, but I also think your temari are amazing.

Photograph courtesy Shirley B
See you all in October for the next instalment. Thanks to Shirley for organising everyone, opening your lovely home to us and sharing this photo.

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  1. How wonderful, a nice tribute to your teaching!
    Laura B