Monday, 8 August 2011

Weekend Workshop

Last weekend we had another two day Temari making workshop.

Like Christmas, workshops require a lot of planning and preparation. As the day approaches a nervous excitement begins to build, I wonder if the everything I've planned will be well received and hope the designs provided will be the right mix of learning, challenge and fun. Also like Christmas, no sooner have we sat down to begin the workshop and in a flash it is all over and it is time to pack away and go home again.

Shirley opened her home to hold the workshop, which was so kind, and we got to see the wonderful view of the Indian Ocean from her home's very large windows.  It was just amazing that every time I looked out of the window the ocean and sky appeared so different.

We were treated to the sound of many ticking, striking and chiming clocks through the weekend. I really love the sound of ticking clocks (but not ticking wrist watches which always keep me awake for some reason) and having a bunch of them in the room all ticking away was wonderful. I never really thought about it before but each clock  has its' own unique sound and some of the clocks had such beautiful melodies, they made me think about musical Temari bases.

I have long considered making a musical Temari base but I figured that having a lovely Chirstmassy tune coming out of just one Temari was a bit of a waste. I know... maybe I am easily bored or just a bit fickle but I want to prepare a new and special Christmas Temari every year. So I have been mulling over this idea of musical Temari for a while and I've come up with a cunning plan which involves sound and movement.

I haven't quite worked out all the specs but I'll share the bare bones of the idea tomorrow.

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