Friday, 26 August 2011

Where did the week go?

I can't believe it has been so many days since my last post! What have I been doing with myself? I took a trip to Bunbury down the new(ish) Forrest Highway. Spent a day trying to get a start on cleaning up my Mum's craft room while she was on holidays (I have neglected my own craft room... I can barely get a leg into it). Had Miss D for a sleep over, we baked several recipes, visited the park, did some artwork and painted our nails. Spent a day at Miho's helping out with all the kiddies because Mr M had overdosed on delicious strawberries and made himself sick - I completely understand him because who can stop at just one or two strawberries right? I also did a bunch of boring stuff that doesn't rate a mention and vegged out almost all day yesterday.

Maybe it is a planetary alignment thing but I have not been my usual very motivated self this week, not even in the crafty arts. Last night my Mum came for a sleepover and to spend some time with Mr W. Today we went out to some of our favourite stores together. Spotlight, Howards Storage and Kitchen Warehouse were some of the top shops we stopped at (goodness me try saying that last bit 3 times!). I think I am inspired again to play in the craft room.

The bird fabric cried out to come home with me!!!
Spotlight had lots of lovely fabrics in for Christmas and with 30 percent off the usual price. Wahoo!!! I got 3 really nice bits... I can see several machine sewing projects in my future. Mum purchased fabric for making some festive bunting. I also got a few odds and ends for some little projects I've got planned.

Never used any of these things before.
I am going to challenge myself to using a few new craft materials I've not considered before. I have made covered buttons using a giant pressing machine in a furniture factory when I was a kid, but never using these self covering button kits. The snaps look interesting too. Don't even ask me about the Sculpey, I think I am going mad but I want to try to do something with it.

So hard to find Aust Standard Measuring spoons (1Tbs=20ml)
I also purchased a new set of measuring spoons and a whisk set at the kitchenware store. I snapped my tablespoon measure measuring butter while making cupcakes with the kids last week. The new set is a bit deluxe and I hope they last me another 20 years.

Ok I didn't get these last things on my trip today but I hadn't shared them yet so here they are, a new calico bag and cute milk jug from New Norcia. I took the bag to Spotlight with me today and they gave me a card that rewards you for every purchase taken home in your own bag. I like that they are rewarding us for thinking about caring for our planet by utilising reusable shopping bags. The jug was purchased to use for pouring lip balms etc because it is thin and microwavable... the whisk above is also for that same purpose.

I have been gathering temari making ideas this week but I wont get time to stitch anything until next week. I did see a lovely glass vase that came up to my hip today. With very wide eyes I asked my Mum how many temari she thought I'd fit into it. She reminded me it was a (just) little narrow at the base so thankfully I didn't purchase it. What a lifesaver and I'm sure my DH will be grateful!

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  1. Funny thought about the vase. I bought two very large ones at IKEA at the beginning of the month. They don't come quite up to my hip and I managed to fill them with many, many temari. I'll have to take pics and post on my blog one of these days.

    Sounds like happy, busy times in your space. :-)