Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Musical movement temari

I mentioned in my last post that I have been toying with the idea of musical temari for a long time. I have a tendency to be a bit frugal (let's say I am a cautious spender) so I want to get the biggest bang for every crafting buck I spend. While the musical mari bases I've seen available aren't that really too expensive, they do represent a much larger investment than the rice hull I use for my cores. Add to that the fact I am easily bored and want a new 'special' temari for each Christmas, I'd need to buy a new musical core every year.

So here is my cunning plan for a musical temari with the bonus of movement, the bare bones of the concept at least.

As you can see from the picture above, the music box itself is tiny. I've removed the winding key and added a Perspex shelf which doubles as a winder. I've also got a smaller shelf but I'm still playing around with the components to see what works best. I picked up 6 boxes which play various tunes... I see temari gift giving in my future.

I am going to look for small (possibly) wooden box to house the music maker which is sitting inside a cute Mor Marshmallow body cream box (my favourite body product!) in the video below. I've stacked the musical movement on top of my camera battery charger in the box and punched a small hole in the lid for the stem of the turntable.

The tune being played is called Everything is Beautiful... (I think it should be renamed Every Temari's Beautiful)

So what do you think? Good concept? Silly idea? Unworkable? Any ideas to improve it? Post a comment and let me know.


  1. Oh wow Rebecca that is cool! I used to collect music boxes in my younger days. I love the idea of a temari music box. It gives you the fun of the music and shows off the temari beautifully!

    Thoughts for improvement... I can't see how stable the temari is on the shelf but I would think about adding some sort of ring to it to give the temari a depression to sit in and avoid rolling off. I might try the smaller shelf to see if it is less conspicuous.

    Where did you get your components?

  2. Hi Debi,

    I agree the smaller shelf would be better, I did think of a felt disk to help the temari 'stick' a bit better but the ring idea is great.

    I got the bits from a really small local craft store. They didn't have a large choice of tunes and the stock was old and dusty... perhaps they got them at Noah's Ark sale (tee hee hee) I think you could find them in USA by doing a google search for musical movements.