Friday, 24 December 2010

Sneaky last post before Christmas

I've got a nanosecond between jobs to sit and write about the last thing I made for Christmas. Reindeer food. Now this is strictly reindeer only and not for human consumption. I made some bags to give out to my niece and nephew and the kids in the street.

The recipe is easy all you need is a plastic bag, half a cup of rolled oats and a good sprinkling of glitter and/or metallic scatter cutouts (you know the kind people put into cards). Dump everything in the bag and give it a good shake. Fold over the top of the bag, print out a label onto paper (or light weight card stock) and staple the label onto the bag. Tada! An easy but magical little giveaway for kids. Just make sure the kids and parents know this food is ONLY for reindeer not for humans. You might want to hand write 'not edible' or something on the back of the label.

Click the image below and print it out.

Now I am off to clean the floors and fold the washing because Santa wont want to visit a messy house!

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  1. i really can hear the noise from roof...are they coming !?