Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Check Check Check Smile

This is my last bit of Christmas baking: Mini Pudding Cakes. These get served with Brandy Butter. Miho and I cut up all the fruit for these on Monday and I spent the day baking them yesterday 24 at a time... I must get more mini muffin pans at some stage.

Now I have finally finished all the Christmas baking My oven is switched to the OFF position for the first time in a week, I can't believe it! My kitchen is now free of bags of flour, dried fruit, nuts and sugar and all my Kitchen Aid equipment is back in the cupboard. All the gifts are wrapped, the cards sent out, all that is left is to go to the fruit and vegetable store, buy one last thing for my hubby and hang up the Christmas stockings.

We took a day off today and my Mum, Miho and I took the 3 kids to the swimming pool for a few hours. I don't usually swim, I have had a new bathing suit sitting in my cupboard for almost 3 years waiting to be worn, but I did take a dip today. I think it might have been the first time my son has every seen me swim. If we go to the beach I will often walk into the knee deep water, but never swim. I think he was impressed that I actually could swim. My Mum suggested we should make it a weekly event... I'm not sure about that but I will probably go again before the end of summer.

I am positive that someone has been stealing away days this year... it has whizzed by so fast. I can't believe Christmas is only 2 days away! In Perth we are looking at 38C on Christmas Day, the forecast keeps going up and down but my money is on being 35C at least. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for a not too hot day here (and not too cold for you all in the northern hemisphere).

This is probably my last post until after boxing day so I want to wish everyone a very safe and happy holiday. I hope your day filled with love and laughter and that you get to share it with those you hold dearest.

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