Monday, 27 December 2010

Chicken Coop-la Hoopla

By now you are thinking I am completely and utterly mad! Insane, deranged and crazy! A temari blog with no temari? What? Well that would be like Christmas Day without a dip in the pool!

Well lately there has just been no time for temari making... so I've been sharing what I have been doing... so you don't think I have run off somewhere.

We had an awesome Christmas Day! A really delicious lunch with a huge ham, WA jarrah wood smoked lamb and beef, Japanese potato salad, sushi, coleslaw, garden salad, prawns - with a to-die-for dipping sauce, and a bunch of desserts made by someone... oh yeah me! After lunch there was hours of swimming, bombie competitions and water fights (it was 40.6C) and then when it cooled off a few rounds of Cricket and then Soccer.

Luckily my DH was home for most of the day, he had a short early shift and thanks to the people of Perth he wasn't recalled to rescue anyone from the ocean. We had a really great family day.

On Boxing Day we began making a box for our soon to be newest members of the family... 2-3 chickens. We have a large aviary which used to hold parrots etc but it has been empty for many years so we decided (after Miho and Seth had success with their chooks) to convert it. Here is Mr W winning $2 from me after I bet him he couldn't get into the box through the top and get out through the door on the front.

10GknU on Make A Gif, Animated Gifs

We are not carpenters at any rate but this is pretty strong and should make our girls quite comfy... hopefully resulting in lots of yummy fresh eggs. In fact I did remind DH that I took 'clothing and fabric' and 'food and nutrition' at school instead of wood and metal works... and he had joined the navy instead of doing any of that! We originally planned to make a flat roof but decided it looked too coffin-like so we added the A-frame roof with a hinge for the front of the roof to open up.

Last week we made some new vegetable patches, they also look a little grave-like, but we have been trying to recycle unused items around the property and all we had to make the beds were the white bricks. No matter I am sure once (if) the plants get going it will look great.

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