Monday, 20 December 2010

Nut Tartlets

It was cold and wet today in Perth, totally weird for this time of year, you might recall that in my last post I was moaning about the heat melting my birthday cakes. I saw a news article about Heathrow airport being closed due to excessive snow falls.  Believe it or not it has even snowed at Mt Buller 3 hours east of Melbourne in Victoria.

Today has been nut tartlet making day. Miho and the kids all came over to help out. It was a really fun but very tiring day. We used some eggs from Miho's chickens for the caramel sauce filling in them. So yummy! I forgot to take progress pics and pics of Miho, Me and Miss D in our matching homemade aprons. Never mind I should really get a photo of us with my Mum who also has a matching apron. This is what the tartlets turned out like.

We made both macadamia and pecan varieties baked in a shortbread case and filled with a delicious caramel filling which turns into a slightly crunchy toffee when baked. The tartlets are sitting on the brandy soaked fruit which will become mini puddings tomorrow. Miss D kept stealing the nuts during the tart making and later when we were cutting the fruit I talked her into trying a dried fig... she got addicted and I had to eventually cut her off so she didn't get a sore tummy. Mr W kept sneaking the uncooked dough and I noticed several cooked tarts walking away in his pockets too.

Now I just wish the sugar plum fairy would come and do the dishes!!

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