Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Temari Addicts by the Dozen

Last weekend was a complete blur. But in a good way.

On Saturday I took a group of ladies through the basics of temari making in a 6 hour class. It was a wonderful day and all the ladies did very well on their temari balls. There was a lovely morning tea of delicious homemade goodies make by the attendees. The group was organised by two ladies (Shirley and Penny) who attended a class with me last year. This time they gathered a ladies from their lace making guild. During the afternoon several other ladies came to make their lace and sat in amongst our class.  I must say I've never seen lace being made and it was rather difficult to keep my mind on temari making... the lace making was so intricate and so stunning that my eyes kept wandering over to see what they were doing. One lady must have had 30 or more bobbins flying through her fingers. Amazing!

On Sunday we had football (soccer) in the morning GO FREO UTD 9's!!! After that I raced home to mark my ball and get organised for the last 2 hour session of the beginner class I have been taking. We did a kiku design ball... I like to save it for last... because it is the one everybody loves the most. It is a nice reward to make such a pretty pattern after all the effort of learning the basics of temari making.

It was an awesome weekend and we minted a dozen new temari addicts to boot! Hmmm..... now what I am I going to do next?.... Finish some UFO's or start some more?

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