Thursday, 3 June 2010

Say hello to my little friend

Sorry about the Al Pacino/Scarface reference but my 8yo son heard it once and now he says it constantly. (Just so you know he hasn't watched the movie... but saw a tiny extract on a 20 to 1 Famous Movie Quote Show)

I have a little reptilian friend that comes to visit me from time to time. He (maybe She) lives in our side garden near our vegetable patch. This area is fenced off so it is a perfect oasis for this little creature... safe from our dogs who probably would have tried to eat it long ago if they could.

My office window opens out to this area and, while I can't see the ground level due to a leadlight section being propped against the window, the little scratches on the glass alert me to this little guest's arrival.  Who is it? Let me show you...

A little blue tongue lizard sitting on the outer window sill. I must admit I used to freak out when I saw it scratching and flicking it's tongue at me through the glass, but now I am OK with seeing it... so long as we are on opposite sides of the glass. It is about 20-30cms long cute in the true sense of the word... ugly but interesting.

Now something nice to look at....

Here is a bouquet of flower pins stuck into the last pincushion I made.  I think they are adorable. There are 14 flowers in this bunch... not bad for a pincushion with a 2.2cm diameter.

It took a little trial and error, some stuck fingers to thumb (and trousers stuck to my leg) to get the right glue technique but now I've got it working nicely.  Thank goodness I use to be a nail technician and had plenty of Acetone on hand... or I might still be making the OK sign and wearing the same trousers 2 days later.

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