Friday, 11 June 2010

So excited I knocked over the bins!

Our mailman rides a motorbike. It is one of those smaller cc Honda varieties that have a certain 'sound'. I know I have written posts before about waiting to pounce on the poor guy when he is making deliveries.

Today I heard him coming down the street and it took me a second or two to calculate the postal times from Japan and then it occurred to me that today would be the day I would receive the thimble I won in the May Show Your Thimbles draw. 

Aha! I jumped up from my desk barrelled through the kitchen knocking over all the recently emptied bins and out through the garage to the mailbox. Somehow in my mania I had managed to pick up the mailbox key (although I don't remember doing it) and almost scalp my self on the 1/2 up garage door. I was out at the mailbox so quick I nearly knocked the mailman of his bike (or at least he nearly leapt off it in fright). In a frenzy I tore open the parcel and after a quick happy dance said 'Hey look! This is what you just delivered me, isn't it gorgeous?' All he could manage was 'Yeah... it's.. er... great.'

Here is a quick pic of the thimble with a bunch of my handmade pins in it. I love it! love it!! love it!!!

I raced down to the post office and have popped a set of these pins in the mail to Chloe Patricia as a thank you gift... lots of pinks and purples maybe something for a Pink Saturday project?!

Well that will be the end of our mail deliveries for a week or so until he calms down a bit. And I also got some bills in the mail :(