Wednesday, 4 March 2015

You can't grow raspberries in Perth

I love raspberries but have always been told you can't grow them in Perth. Last year I decided on a whim to put in a small berry garden in an unused bed in our front garden. We put in 2 blueberry bushes, a blackberry bush, four strawberry plants and a raspberry bush. I got them from Wandilla nursery.

Well the blackberry and two blueberry bushes went to heavens garden, but the strawberries have flourished and even started sending out runners. Now the surprise is that the raspberry bush has started to do the same.

We even got about a dozen berries off it this year. I know that seems a bit sad but I'm really pleased I took a punt and decided plant it. I keep accidentally eating them before I got them in front of the camera. The fruit is tasty when picked at the right time, something I am still perfecting. There was the very last raspberry on the bush last Thursday that just didn't look ready and I forgot to pick it over the weekend so I got it today. It's a little over ripe but still good.

I also  picked these strawberries today. They are so red and juicy looking. I'll pop them in the fridge and share them with W after school.

More temari next time.

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