Saturday, 14 March 2015

Its a wrap!

One  of the things I like most about Temari making is that the design possibilities are endless. Even using the same technique yields different results by simply making changes in number of rows used or colour selection.

I like wrapped bands temari patterns, and it has one of the easier to remember technique names in Japanese - maki. Just think hand rolled (wrapped) sushi. Mmm now I want Japanese food for lunch.
No seriously, I want Japanese food now!!

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This style of temari works up quickly too, so you get to see your efforts produce results pretty quickly. Another reason to love wrapped bands, many designs look like nothing for a good while before finally coming together near the end of stitching.

Here are a few I've done recently, in Diana Vandervoort's 1st book this pattern is called wishing papers but I have heard it described as sheaths of rice elsewhere so not sure of the actual correct name. These have the thread pass the equator and the growing bundle of threads are kept tamed by two pins placed there. I've seen it done on S8 but these ones are S6.  The Temari at the back is in seven rainbow colours (did you spot that already?) and looks far more busy than the front one which has 3 sets of colours in 3 shades (9 colours altogether).

I wonder what it would look like on S10? I think I might try that soon.

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