Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Mini mini mayhem

We all had some time off work over the holidays and our extended family went camping. I went for the first 3 days and then my hubby switched and stayed for the next 3 days. One of us had to stay home and look after the dogs and chooks. While I was home alone I made some mini bases. Well 48 to be exact. The smallest one is 5.7cm and the largest is 8.5cm circumference. These are made from scratch using some fibre wadding as the core which is wrapped directly with overlock thread. Previously when making minis I used a 1inch styrofoam ball as the base. They are huge compared to these little babies.

Here are the first two I stitched on. The burgundy one is stitched with gold Gutermann lame thread. I think that is what it is called anyway. The code on the spool says CA02776 at the top and W331 at the bottom and it is a 50m. I think it is the right gauge for this size temari but it is a devil to use because it unravels badly. The pink one is stitched with the silk thimble thread. They are exactly the same design but seem to look different to me.

I turned the burgundy one into a bookmark but haven't decided what to do with the pink one. I took the picture above recently to share with some folk that had made email contact with me. It wasn't until I saw the photo that I realised that the design is the 3D version of the design on the silk thread box. Weird what you miss in real life but notice in a photo!

I need to find my awl so I can try to slide the pink one onto a straight hair stick and maybe make a tassel to hang on the end like the cover of the mini accessory book.

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