Wednesday, 14 January 2015

1975 Temari book again

In my last post I showed the first temari I tried from this book. I am really glad I got it and have at least another 10 Temari I'd like to stick from it.

The week before Christmas I had a few quick moments to stitch so I made a version of this temari featured on page 25. I was really drawn to the red and blue on white. I have usually seen this design as an all over without the thick coverage on the marking lines.

It is an Asanoha based design. I am really into these at the moment. One of those easy designs that trapped me up for a long, long time. My version is below, Christmas had me on a red and green vibe. I went a  little off the reservation with this one. I didn't like the large blue starbursts so I omitted them from my ball. Also I only outlined the red shapes in metallic. My base was a bit smaller so I changed the width of thhe bands and left out the pale blue rows.

I would have added a string to this to hang up but our tree was decorated in silver and shades of blue this year. I like it and it was quick to work up despite the design changes as I went along. Did you make new temari for your holiday decorating last year?

Temari is totally absORBing!

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