Saturday, 10 January 2015

1975 Temari book inspiration

After my recent splurge on books I decided to start with the oldest book of the bunch. I love that I found this one, I have been looking for it for a few years, yes I am a collector of temari books and am always on the look out for older out of print books.

So the image below is from the book. It is featured on page 27 and is tucked behind another ball. I was immediately struck with the rainbow colours. I do love rainbows, they remind me that everything will be ok and sometimes I need a reminder of that.

It was a little tricky to start, it is a wrapped temari but it doesn't wrap around the circumference. It is wrapped through the centers of the six part triangles so you need to leave the pins in until the entire first layer is wrapped, after that the threads grip each other and stay in place. I followed this pattern fairly closely except that the size is a bit different so I had to change the number of rows on some of the colours a little. Also because of the size I didn't want to fill in the last row (an extra) with more red, I felt it would be too heavy so I added white. Still I like how it turned out.


I actually think the white helped to pop the star shapes. Did I mention rainbows make me happy? Hope this one gives you a cheery boost if you need it today! 

Temari is totally absORBing!

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