Thursday, 27 September 2012


Thimble rings are what we westerners have dubbed Japanese silk stitched Yubinuki. They are like temari (because they are Japanese) because there are never two the same. Each stitch placement, colour selection, division and size make each one look entirely unique from every other. Even if you try to make two the same they never work out identical.

I have had another binge on thimble stitching lately. I seem to leave these for months at a time and then suddenly become inspired all over again. I love the feel of them when they are finished, nothing beats the smoothness of silk thread. I like all their profiles from the tall slender tubes to the short chubby stuffed ones.

I sold a few of these (with 5 pins in them) at the recent Hinata Gallery Cafe that I attended at the beginning of the month. I don't know many people that appreciate and collect thimbles these days so I turn mine into something 'useful' by making them miniature pin cushions. I even display them with hand beaded flower pins... just because I can.

Sorry for the dodgy photo (which was shot on my iPhone) but here are some of the ones I've made lately. I keep forgetting to charge the battery on my camera so I have several iPhone pics for the next few posts. Sorry.

I stitched the 2nd and 4th ones in the top row and the 1st and 4th ones in the bottom row from my head. I had no idea how they would turn out. I just randomly chose a division and several shades of thread and began stitching. I had a few aha! moments as I went along. The top middle and bottom right patterns were from Debi A's old website. All the others were from the thimble and flower or hard cover thimble books.

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