Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Hello world...

it's me! My little corner of the planet has been so busy lately. My free time has been squeezed, squashed and stolen mostly by the pressures of various paid and volunteer work.

I am very sorry for not posting in more than 6 weeks (a first for me) and I'd like to thank everyone who kept popping by to see my blog despite there being no new posts. Also here is a shout out to everyone that sent an email to check on my welfare... sorry to have worried you all, I have been A-OK just too busy to get blogging.

So what have I been doing?

I learned to make Haloumi Cheese with 3 of my girlfriends at The Cheesemaker in the Swan Valley. If you haven't had this lovely cheese before you need to go find some. More details later about that.

I've been making some yubinuki thimbles again. This time I have been stitching without any pattern just seeing how it turns out.  More details to follow.

I've had another 1 day workshop with my group of temari makers in Fremantle.

I've been working as an Administrative Assistant at one job and Bookkeeper at another. Also just for fun I've been volunteering at my son's soccer club as his team manager and also as the co-manager of the canteen. Every Sunday for the last 18 weeks has been swallowed up entirely by soccer.

We've celebrated Father's Day, and a ton of birthdays so of course there has been much baking.

Stock has been piling into the temari supply shop and shipping back out to customers just as fast. More details about that will follow.

I spent some time looking after my DH with a serious case of Man Flu.

Last weekend was the Hinata Cafe, I had a stall there again. It was fun and busy! More details later about that.

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  1. Looks like you live in a wind willie, glad things are good though!