Sunday, 30 September 2012

Hinata Gallery Cafe 2012

I wish I'd had time to blog about this before the event, but I've been kinda busy lately. I worked 8 days straight leading up to this event (between all my jobs - paid and volunteer) so by the time the day came I was a bit tired but talking about temari all day long does give you a boost.

This year one of my temari made it onto the back of the flyer. Lucky me!! I was so busy I forgot to take photos of everyone's stall but if you would like to see you can click here to go to the Hinata Cafes' blog

I sold several temari including my 'revolution of thought' set of temari. I also sold some Yubinuki thimbles which were fashioned into either necklaces or pin cushions.

I did take some pics of my stall. It wasn't as beautifully laid out as last year. My Mum is the lady with the display knack but she is still out of action since her fall down the stairs some months back. So I had to do the best I could in a short space of time with my 10 year old 'helping' so we could go home and he could play with the kids in the neighbourhood.

These pics were taken on set up day, I took them so I could work out how to make the space look nicer for the actual event. So on the day it looked different and better than this... I forgot to take a photo on the day though. I liked the wooden stands, they worked really well. I needed a longer bit of the cream coloured temari fabric for the table top the darker fabric doesn't let the items pop.


  1. Your display is so beautiful! Hope you had lots of sales.

    1. I agree with Barb. Great to see you got to make use of your fabric purchase. Well done.