Sunday, 31 October 2010

Friday Freeway Fender Fiasco

Ouch! I'm a bit sore today and the posts might be a bit light on for the next week or so becasue last night I had a bit of a bump in the car.  Well it was a fairly solid bump and I'm a bit brused but I'll survive. Can't say the same for the car of the lady that crashed into the back of me though. I have have several nasty car accidents which might make you think I'm a bad lady driver, but in fact I've either been a passenger or been rear-ended so I've never had an at-fault crash.

The lady that ran into me was really shaken up, I'm an old hand at accidents by now so I managed to remain calm... I didn't shout or complain or even swear (I am most surprised about the last part).

Here is the other car, the damage doesn't look too bad but all that liquid on the ground is coolant from the radiator that my towball went through. There was even some very dramatic steam bursts when the cars collided. I think it needed to get towed afterwards.

My car (my Husband's actually) seems to have have faired a bit better. We will need to get the towbar system checked as it is bent and the bumber and bottom of the rear doors are all damaged. So no going boating until it is all fixed up.

It is a bit hard to see the damage as both cars are black.  I couldn't believe I had to tell my hubby that I had crashed his new car. This is his second black X-Trail that I have crashed (the last car was hit by a truck and all the front and side got smashed) Still I couldn't stop thinking how lucky we both were.

The first big accident I was in required almost 100 stitches in my face, broke all my front teeth and had years of physio afterwards, the last accident (when I was also rear ended) I was 4.5 months pregnant and was petrified that I would lose my bub because my tummy slid into the steering wheel so hard.

This time I was alone - my son was at his basketball  game and my neice didn't quite manage to twist my arm to bring her home for a sleep over, there was no blood, no human bodies were broken, there were only 2 cars involved - I managed to not hit the car infront of me, and I could drive home my car. Apart from having a fair bit of aching muscles in my back and neck, I will be A-OK.


  1. Glad you're fairly well unscathed.

  2. Oh Rebecca! I am so sorry to hear about the accident, but glad to hear that no one was drastically hurt. Accidents are a huge bummer (to put it lightly). Rest and heal.

    Thinking of you in Wisconsin, USA so you can have 24 hour good wishes coming your way.