Thursday, 4 November 2010

Store updates.

Just before the big bumper bingle* last Friday, I had spent a few days updating the Temari Addict Australia Supply Store. It had been quite a while since I did any housekeeping in the store so it was well overdue. 

I've changed the banner to match this blog background, updated many product images and added some new product lines. All the books are now featured 4 to a page so the cover images are a little bit bigger. I also did a mini stock take and found a book I've had in stock that wasn't yet listed in the store. It is now of course!

I'll have more time (theoretically) coming up so I will be able to be more vigilant about keeping all the listings fully stocked so I've changed the inventory system to show all items again (this will allow you to back order any out of stock items as they will no doubt be on their way from the supplier). I'll be ordering more frequently so things should get back to being rarely out of stock. There is a big KYO and Cosmo series order about to arrive at the door so if there is something you wanted head over to the store to take a look. Also I am getting colour swatches in for threads and will add some starter kits to the store for those that just want to try temari without diving too far into the deep end.

*Bingle: an Australian informal noun which means collision or minor traffic accident.

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