Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Spring Fair Round Up

On Sunday we went to the West Coast Steiner School Open Day and Spring Fair. It was a nice warm spring day and I was very glad of the pop up shelter we took along with us, as we may have melted away in the sunshine otherwise. We presented a display table of temari items and spoke to a number of people about temari making. I met several Japanese ladies on the day, most of whom had seen temari when they were growing up but had never stitched one before.

We sold a good amount of caramel popcorn (a sample tasting always helps along with sales of this) and we only came home with two small bags (luckily one each for Mstr W and Miss D). We also sold some fabric journals, wired rings, temari styled brooches, and some yubinuki beaded necklaces and a temari or two too. The yubinuki were really cute, there was the red/white and purple/gold ones from last weeks post and also a red/silver one that I didn't even get a chance to photograph before it sold. I really am enjoying making these beads and I've started a new one already this time in navy blue and minty green... but it will need to sit for a week or so before I finish it because I am back to pattern writing and workshop preparation again today.

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