Monday, 30 August 2010


There are still 2 days until the official start of spring. But we are already seeing changes in our garden. Here are some of the Iris flowers under the Plum blossom tree. I really love blue Iris and these ones look like they have been painted. You might remember the tree in the background from a previous post when it was flowering with temari. Not many words today just pictures.


There are plenty of  buds, on the tree this year, I hope we will get a really nice show of flowers. Look at that gorgeous sky. Rain is coming tonight.

We can't grow flowering cherry trees in Perth. By this I mean that they will grow but wont ever flower as it is not cold enough. We miss out on all those lovely autumn colours too but I don't mind that so much... I don't really like raking leaves anyway.

I hope to visit Japan in Spring time just once and see the sakura flowers. I have always missed seeing them when I have been there. Until then I can look forward to my garden's plum blossoms in spring. Maybe one year we will get enough flowers on my tree to enjoy our own version of a hanami party.

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