Sunday, 1 August 2010

Resuming normal programming... now

Sorry I have been mysteriously absent for the last few weeks. Apart from my quick note yesterday about ITAD I've been pretty quiet in the cyber world. This is because I've been really busy in the real world.

Miho and Seth (my Brother and Sister in Law) have been back to Japan on holiday. Suzanne (our mum) and I (along with help from our StepDad John) have been working on their house. We set ourselves some tasks to make their new-old house more of a home for them while they were away. We made lots of curtains, did some painting, ripped up a bunch of tile & linoleum and then laid down new stuff then we got an early start on the spring cleaning. That way Miho wont need to juggle the kids and the spring cleaning.

Mum and I had several funny moments when we spent 2 days in the toilet (bathroom) together. We chipped off the old lino floor tiles and painted the walls in there. I think we got a little crazy because I had a rare 'princess' moment when I bent over and dragged the front of my blonde hair in the wet white paint. I turned around to complain to Mum (and try to elicit some sympathy) when I saw that she had done the same thing but 1000% worse with her curly dark brown hair. The whole side of her hair was covered in white paint and she was working so hard she didn't even notice. I laughed so hard I had to stagger down the ladder and sit on the floor for about 15 minutes. I'm still laughing about it. Partly because my only annual princess moment was wasted on something which was so quickly proven to be like a grain of sand at the beach and partly from the image of the Mum's painted hair.
It was lovely to spend some one on one time with our Mum. We laughed, shared stories and generally caught up on stuff as we worked. It was really fun and the lucky home owners appreciated (and hopefully liked) our efforts.

They got home this morning and brought us all some lovely omiyage (souvenirs). I got 2 boxes of KNK silk thimble making thread and 12 cards of another brand, and they brought home the new Temari book and Hardcover thimble book too. Lucky me! Lucky me! Lucky me!
Tomorrow when I go over to Miho's home to return the furry cousin, I am stealing their passports so they can't go on another holiday for a while... we really missed them.
Sometime this week I will get my in progress temaris finished and make a thimble with my new book and threads.  Oh the possibilities!

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