Monday, 2 August 2010

Oh my! Look at my Omiyage!

Yesterday I posted about my brother's family returning to Australia from their Japan holiday. They were only away a few weeks but we missed them like crazy.

After we got them home from the airport they opened up their suitcases to share the omiyage (souvenirs) they had brought home for everyone. Wow I have never seen so many things packed into so few pieces of luggage (I suspect there could be some shipping boxes arriving later with their own things inside).

This is my combination of omiyage and self purchases. How lucky am I? Thank you to Miho and Seth for all the goodies.

2 boxes of KNK thread and 12 cards of other thread. Lucky me! I love the little boxes. Luckily I have a nice box which came with a Himitsu-Bako (trick box) to store the extra threads in.

The new temari book I purchased on Amazon and Miho brought it home. There are so many lovely temari inside. Some I wish I could begin right now but I must focus on finishing up all my little projects first. Can you see the shadow of my knuckles on the lower right of the book? Today is a glorious sunny winter day 24C. I took the pics in the early morning sun out on our driveway.

 The hardcover thimble book I purchased on Amazon and a cute piggy phone dangle. Also the two watermelon thimbles arrived from Chloe Patricia. Miho also brought back 4 packages of the silk wadding Chloe Patricia uses to prepare her thimble bases... I forgot to photograph them but as they are whitish in colour they wouldn't show up well anyway. The next pic is a close up of the watermelon thimbles.

 Aren't they delicious looking? Chloe Patricia has started a new round of share your thimble for August. Get more details here, this month's thimble prize is gorgeous!

Here is a picture from the thimble book... what an inspiring dream image, a whole box full of lovely little thimbles.

Today was a really awesome day. I got lots of lovely sun for my early morning photo taking, met with a girlfriend for lunch, dropped off Ninja (aka the furry cousin)... which meant time for a play and snuggles with my nephew and niece (I'm still catching up on all the hugs we missed while they were away), then home in the rush hour traffic but with no major delays, easy dinner - my son's fave burritos, a sneaky cat nap on the sofa, a few wii games then sharing a book before my son went to bed. If only a fairy could come and wash the dishes the day would be complete.

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