Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Temari 101 Class update

Some ladies from the June Temari 101 class called in over the weekend. They had a show and tell about the gorgeous temari they have been making and also about the temari class one of them took in Kyoto at the beginning of July. She was well chuffed that she was removed from the beginners class and placed with more advanced stitchers due to her abilities. I must say I am so proud to see their temari making blossom. They are really awesome!!

We discussed Japanese threads temari books and gladly my order of marking threads had arrived on Friday so they got to choose some of them. I have ordered some Kyo and Cosmo 5 threads to try after seeing how beautiful it looks on the balls.

We chatted for a few hours and it was sad to pack up and say goodbye, but we have made plans to get together again in a few months time.

On Thursday our next round of 101 will begin... I can't wait to share temari with a new group!

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