Thursday, 9 July 2009

Preparing for ... Christmas in July

Well being July what better time to look forward to Christmas? Last week I posted about the 27 balls I had wrapped in Christmas colours and here are a few of the photos.
As you can see I am working in Green, Red, White, Gold and Silver.
When I have completed these balls I plan to make more in 'Non-traditional' colours like Purple, Blue.
The photo of 3 temari show my latest efforts. The top left temari is the ball I was working when I wrote the last post. The bottom one I made whilst trying to keep my fingers from freezing watching my Son's soccer training and the right ball was made today. Although my boys say "Oh no! Not temari again..." stitching this one inspired my Son's little buddy to make a teeny temari today which we attached to a mobile dangle for his backpack.
It is pouring again outside so it looks good for stitching more temari tomorrow.....

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