Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Getting organised.

I stitch on the move mostly so my 'movable' temari supplies are compact and organised. But my 'at home' stash is.... hmmmm... how can I describe it???? My husband usually refers to it as ".... that disgusting mess...."

Well maybe a photo might help... Hold on, brace yourself ....

Just so you know: I tried to make the picture an iddy biddy tiny one to make it look a bit better my hubby caught me and said to re-size it to show the full magnitude.

I admit it is just awful. But yesterday I felt inspired and met my Mum at our 'other' favourite store IKEA and we searched high and low for something to fix this nasty problem.

We found our most elegant solution in the office furnishing section (that only part of the IKEA store I always walk past). I think it is for storing A2 sized papers. I have a drawer for wrapping cottons, one for my take away boxes of perle 5 & 8 cottons, another for books and one drawer for bits & pieces that go into class kits. You can see in the left picture the bendable lamp I use at night (also from IKEA purchased on a previous visit). There are two natural light sources near this area so I think I just found my new temari photo set. Bonus!!

There are many great features in this little unit but the best is that it's on little wheels so when we stitch at my home I can move the supplies right to the table for everyone to dig in and play. Below is the draw of 'share thread' I use it for learning balls etc...

Now if only I could get it into the back of the X-trail.....

I do have to be honest: I still have a box of stuff that wont go into the drawer unit. All my completed temari, but no matter they go into storage elsewhere. And I know this wont store all my bits soon but the silver lining is that in the Alex range at IKEA there is a tallboy style unit that matches this one - and I can fit it into the room. Yay!! Now just don't tell my hubby.


  1. I, too, have discovered Alex. I have 2 6-drawer units with a long computer table spanning the two. It is amazing how much it stores! I like to think that my father, Alex guided me through the Ikea store in the Chicago Metropolitan area until I found these treasures!

  2. Super place to put the temari supplies!!!!