Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Review of New Temari Book and Recommendations

I am always curious about books on Temari and today I received my latest installment.
The book pictured below. I would not recommend this book too highly as it only has 10 patterns which are then varied in size, colour etc. It seems to have been written by some chaps that have read several books about temari but aren't actually temari artists themselves. In addition some of the terms used are not standard 'temari' language and in my honest opinion I would rather have not spent the money on it.

This may seem a little harsh but in terms of value for money every other temari book I own was better. In defence of this book it did show scope for practical applications for putting the temari to use... but it also included a good deal of bead work on the projects... I guess this is where the contemporary part of the title fits in. Avoid the above book but please try these books written by the authors listed below as they are far more inspiring.

Barb Suess, Diana Vandervoort, and Mary Wood (click the links here to go to their websites to purchase books)

In particular Barb's book is the easiest to learn from as it is written in the most easy to comprehend manner and is accompanied by excellent diagrams. Diana's books (she has written several) have a fairly broad scope and are loaded with directions. Mary's book shows techniques rather than exact patterns - you learn the technique and use your imagination to make your own patterns so whilst this is informative I wouldn't expect most people to learn from scratch with this one.

If I had to choose one and only one it would be Barb's book! She holds your hand through every design step and guides you along with tips from start to finish.
I have no commercial agreement with any author listed here in this post and these are my own opinions based on my experience with the books mentioned. I do own copies of all the books reviewed.

I own almost every book published in English (on Temari that is) and soon I will start collecting Japanese ones (please Finance Gods let the AUD rise against the Yen!!!!) I already have a list as long as my arm and just have to wait for the right time to buy....

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