Monday, 22 June 2009

Japanese Cosmo books

I got my first 3 Cosmo books on Friday.

Oh My GOODNESS... they are lovely!!! I can't decide what I want to do first. I have been working on a translation sheet for English - Japanese to help with interpreting the patterns and also got a copy of Barb Suess' Translation Cheat Sheet which she kindly had posted on the Temari Challenge group. I have decided a mixture of both will be what I end up referring to but it will take a little more work. I highly recommend looking on eBay for listings of the Cosmo books as they usually have sample pages displayed. I can't quite decide what the 'It' factor is that Japanese temari have but what ever it is I want to work it out for use on my own temari.

The remaining 4 Cosmo books will take about another month to come from - which is a good thing because I have plenty to keep me busy until then...

I can't wait to share my new books next week with the girls.

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