Monday, 22 June 2009

June Temari 101 - It's a wrap

Our 101 class finished today. :(

Several newly minted temari addicts join the throng :)

We had a great time stitching our Sundays away over the last few weeks and learned 4 techniques. Of course the cups of tea and cookies were nice too.

I was most impressed when one of our ladies produced some patterns she had printed from Temarikai (C8 Lotus) that she wanted desperately to try her hand at making. Gladly we had already learned the stitches required for this (Spindle and Kiku) so all that is left is to mark out the ball in a C8 and place the additional lines. I think I will need to check in with the class in a few weeks to see how they are all progressing. We hope to get together in July for another stitch session.

When we all compared our finished balls it was interesting to see the subtle differences between them due to our choices of colour.

All said I think the group did marvellously with their new skills and I ended our sessions with a link list to map out the best places (on the www) to visit for further inspiration.

I really enjoyed presenting the classes and look forward to starting the next round. I am already lining potential victims/addicts/students up for the next class.

In other news:
My favourite cheap and cheerful perle 5 cotton thread has come to spotlight. 50g balls of Milford Satin in 29 colours (including 5 variegated) are in stock and yes I have all of them. Now I know that 29 colours is not a huge variety - unlike DMC or Anchor - but for practice balls it is fantastic value as you can purchase a ball for about $6 and it goes on forever.

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