Friday, 6 March 2009

1st picture on our blog

Wow, our first picture on the Temari Addict Australia Blog. These temari were made by Rebecca and were inspired by a lovely pattern in Barb Seuss' book Japanese Temari, A Colorful Spin on an Ancient Craft. I made the first one (the lowest one in the vase) and was so pleased with it I got a little carried away and have made 7 so far....

I loaned the book from my local library, but you should find it at any good bookstore. Actually, I was so sad to give the book back to the library, I went straight out to buy my own copy. I recommend you do the same, especially if you are starting out. It is a great resource, written very simply and includes great artwork.

I can also recommend that you have a visit to Barb's site: There is plenty to drool over and there a several free patterns to try. Barb also sells patterns not featured in her book and offers on line classes. I have signed up for a Echo Star Class starting in April 2009, I think she runs several per year ranging from beginner to more advanced temari.


  1. I am taking the Echo Star class as well!
    in Washington USA

  2. Australian mass communications tell lies .
    First, Japanese whale fishing is legal , because it follows IWC rules.
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  3. くろりん, Thank you for visiting this blog. We are always glad to see that people have stopped by. You have a strong feeling about the whaling issue but unfortunately as this is a forum about temari making this is not the place to share those feelings.

    I believe we all have a right to believe whatever we choose. I would like to comment that my opinion is that most (if not all) mass communicators the world over tend to lie, contort and stretch the truth to gain higher ratings for their employers. Most journalism is based on scare mongering and sensationalism. Australian media is no different to any other anywhere else in the world.
    Thank you again for visiting.