Friday, 29 June 2012

Peep's Chocolate Egg

The day before my birthday Peep surprised us with her first egg. We had almost given up hope she would lay, she hadn't even been visiting the nest box and was already 34 weeks old.

There isn't much information on how quickly Marans chickens mature so we were guessing it would be around 24-26 weeks... we were wrong. We all took bets on the dates... we all lost.

Here is the egg. Ok I admit it isn't made of chocolate but it is a dark brown egg. Much darker than the Isa Brown's eggs and a nice compliment to the blue eggs we get from the Araucanas.

An interesting note is that the Isa Browns have gone off the lay since Peep started... maybe they that have shell pigment envy. Puffles (our mixed breed pinkish shell layer) still hasn't got back to laying since her moult in Autumn. Hopefully as the days get longer we will see a time when we get all six chooks laying in a single day.

Even though it is the middle of winter (and really flipping cold) I had boiled eggs and salad for lunch today... they were so tasty. I love keeping chooks.

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