Wednesday, 27 June 2012

June Temari Class

At the beginning of June we had a temari workshop where we tackled an oldie but a goodie temari design. The all over plum blossom. This is a C10 stitched in two colours and is really a lot less complicated than it seems. The design forms as you keep stitching pentagons and triangles to cover the ball. The catch is... the ball has to be nearly dead on round and the marking as close to perfect possible for this design to work.

Some nudging and fudging is possible but honestly not preferable for this design. Here is my first attempt... I admit my marking was not as round as I would have liked and I learned that she'll be right isn't necessarily so. 

This design requires a lot of faith, as the design doesn't emerge until nearly the end of stitching. Lots of the ladies in the group thought it wouldn't work out but those that have shared pics of their work with me  managed to get the design to emerge on their temari.

Coincidentally Laura showed a similar design on her blog, but hers has sections of underground stitching. Isn't it weird how we temari makers tend to work on similar designs at the same time without even knowing it!


  1. Beautiful! I love the colors on this. These are some of my favorites, they are a very feminine design.