Friday, 23 March 2012

I said I'd be back

A few weeks ago while I was surfing the Internet I found a great idea for displaying my temari. Unfortunately I could not find the same thing in real life... but I didn't give up, I just filed the idea away knowing that at some stage I'd revisit it.

Last week my Mum and I took a day trip to York, while there we visited a small emporium called The Dogs Bollocks*. Browsing through the tiny stores we began talking to one of the shopkeepers who overheard me talking to Mum about the display idea I had. The lady exclaimed that she was sure another store had what I wanted but today that store was closed. She suggested I look through the window and see if I could spot the item.  I could just make out the shape through the glass and decided it looked interesting enough to make another trip to York when the store was open.

Today I made that trip. It was well worth it. I took up a little bag of temari to see how they looked. I think they look great... so I purchased two units. Here is a pic of one.

The lady that helped me last week was very surprised to see me back today... I guess most people that say they'll come back just don't do it.
These shadowboxes are made in York and are designed to hang on the wall (I guess) but these are sturdy enough to sit on a table, I could also lie them on the side and attach a hook with command adhesive to the underside of the shelves so temari could be suspended.

* The Dogs Bollocks (literal translation of bollocks is testicles) is a very informal and somewhat crass way of saying something is really awesome as in "... is the dogs bollocks!" Other more polite slang for expressing this would be The Cats Pajamas, or The Bees Knees.

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  1. Hi,

    I love these temari! I would like to try to make one, but bot sure if I can.