Thursday, 1 March 2012

Domain Gallery Purchase

As promised here is the post about my purchase at Domain Gallery. If you've read this blog for a while you would have seen images of my temari storage vases. If not you can see them here. The wider one (purchased from IKEA) is gorgeous and I know that several of you have gone on to invest a few from your own temari.

I have completely filled up these vases and need to get some more storage for temari. I had considered a shadow box unit like this one that I saw on a furoshiki blog recently (I even emailed to ask where they got it). But when I walked into Domain Gallery I found the perfect solution.

This bowl is absolutely H-U-G-E. I can't find my tape measures at the moment but I can tell you I tried to guesstimate its' circumference by giving it a big hug and my fingers weren't even close to touching together. This means it is more than 1.5 metres around.

The glass platter I used on top of my IKEA vase just fits onto the top of this bowl so it is sealed from dust. At the store they had the bowls filled with balls - revolting rattan ones  (perhaps revolting is too strong a word so let's just say boring). 

The best thing is...

I have so much more room for storing new temari!!!!

When I want to change the display I can rotate the bowl or just put my arm into it and swirl the temari all around.

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