Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Tasty Japanese Takeaway

Today, after I made some Cold Process Olive and Shea soap, I went to get some stuff for DH's shed.
I happened to pass by a Japanese restaurant in Shelley that I have always wanted to try (but have never seemed to be near when it is open). That restaurant is Kuhmon Takeaway. Miho showed me a flyer from the restaurant about 3 years ago and several Japanese friends rave about it and now I am too.

I ordered some Chicken Kaarage as a small bento set. It was delicious! I can't believe that 3 types of pickle and a huge serve of rice was just $1.50 extra... Why would you just get a serve of the Kaarage?

The chicken was hot and crispy just how JFC (Japanese Fried Chicken lol) should be. I could barely finish the bento, the serving was so large, but I ate the whole lot. I cheekily sent Miho a text while I was waiting for my order to be cooked. She was suitably jealous, but we have organised to visit for lunch together next week. Maybe we will get takeaway and eat it by the river.

If you live near Shelley  (South of Perth) drop in and try some authentic, cheap but tasty Japanese eats.

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